Quick and Easy Recipes

Delicious and frugal meals that you can make quickly and easily.
Alfredo Sundried Tomato Pasta

Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

This pasta with Alfredo sauce is made with sundried tomatoes. It is very easy and absolutely delicious. You can mix this sauce with any…

Meatloaf Muffins 2

Meatloaf Muffins

These meatloaf muffins are made with bbq sauce and chipotles. They are delicious and moist. If you prefer you can make this into a…

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles

These chocolate crinkles are to die for! They are like a chewy brownie with a nice sugar crust. They are easy to make and…

Diabla Shrimp

Shrimp a la Diabla

This shrimp a la diabla is made with juicy shrimp in a guajillo and ancho chili spicy sauce. The sauce is smooth and delicious…

Chicken Recipes

Hundreds of delicious and frugal chicken recipes.
Kum Pao Chicken 3

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

This kung pao chicken recipe is delicious and easy. It can be made in minutes (after the chicken has marinated) and goes beautifully with…

Baked Chicken Breast

How to Bake Chicken Breast

In this post I want to show you how to cook chicken breast that will always be juicy, moist and flavorful. This is a…

Chicken Noodle Soup

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

This easy chicken noodle soup is hearty, delicious and perfect for anytime of the year. It will warm your body and your soul. As…

Baked Chicken Legs

How to Bake Chicken Legs

How to bake chicken legs. How about some baked chicken legs with BBQ sauce for dinner? These are super easy to make and so,…