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Orzo Salad Recipe

This orzo salad recipe is made with fresh cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and red onion. It is dressed with olive oil and lemon. This…

Brownies from Scratch

These dark chocolate brownies from scratch are very easy to make. They are made with chocolate as opposed to cocoa powder and the final…

Pita Bread Pizza with Portabello

This little pita bread pizza or open faced sandwich is really easy to make. The longest you are going to spend is marinating your…

Fried Chickpeas

Fried chickpeas are crunchy and delicious. They are super easy to make and a great appetizer or snack or even addition to a salad….

Meatless Recipes

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Lentil Soup Recipe

This lentil soup recipe is one of my favorite recipes. It cooks very slowly and renders a flavorful, healthy and comforting meal. I am…

Lentil Burgers

These lentil burgers are super nutritious and super tasty. The nuttiness of the lentils is paired beautifully with carrots, beets, lime zest and spices….