Garlic Shrimp Recipe

This garlic shrimp recipe is very, very easy and extremely tasty. You only need a few ingredients to make this and it will be ready in minutes.

I kept the skins on for this version but you definitely do not have to. You can make this with peeled shrimp if you prefer. I personally love peeling it after it is cooked. Absolutely a personal preference!

Two things are crucial for this recipe to work. One is that you make absolutely sure that the shrimp is sans the black vein that runs down its back. This vein is the intestine and it is gritty and unpleasant. All you have to do is make a slit over the vein with a sharp small knife and remove it with a paper towel – easy peasy. Please do not skip this step.

The second recommendation is that you do not overcook your shrimp. If you do it will turn rubbery. You want to keep an eye on it and flip it as soon as it turns pink. This will take minutes. The final result will be a juicy and flavorful shrimp.

You can serve this garlic shrimp on pasta, with a salad or as is. This makes a great appetizer for parties. Leave the skins on for summer parties and barbecues and remove it for more elegant entertainment.

This is how to make this scrumptious garlic shrimp recipe:

Serves four
1 pound (500 grams) of shrimp — deveined
1 TBS unsalted butter
1 TBS olive oil
6 garlic cloves – minced
1/2 a lemon
Black pepper – NO salt needed
1/2 a TBS of finely chopped parsley

You decide if you want to peel the shrimp or not. I made this recipe with the shells on. However, it is very important that you remove the black vein from the back using a small very sharp paring knife. Simply cut a slit alongside the vein and remove it with a paper towel.

Melt the butter with the oil and add the garlic. Cook the garlic for a couple of minutes until you can smell it.

Stir it constantly. Add the shrimp. Mix it with the garlic and squeeze the lemon all over the pan. Add the pepper. Mix it into the shrimp.

Start flipping the shrimp as it changes color to a pink/salmon – about three to four minutes into the process.
Cook until the other side does the same thing and turn off the heat. Sprinkle the parsley on top, mix and serve. Enjoy.

CALORIES 143.50; FAT 7.43 grs (sat 2.42; mono 3.30; poly 0.62); PROTEIN 15.77 grs ; FIBER 0.91 grs; CARBS 2.81 grs; CHOLESTEROL 150.50 mg; IRON 0.36 mg; SODIUM 643.30 mg; CALCIUM 71.14 mg

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  • Thank you Mary Ann for another delicious recipe! Tried this today and my family loved it! The shrimp had a great garlic flavor and texture. Hope you are doing well!
    I am a fan of many of your recipes!


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