Roasted Broccoli with Lemons

Roasted Broccoli with Lemon
Roasted Broccoli with Lemon

This roasted broccoli with lemons and garlic recipe is a fantastic side or a light meal. Broccoli and lemons are a match made in Heaven. The flavors complement wonderfully. Add some sliced garlic and you are golden.

This meal cooks fairly fast. It will be ready under 20 minutes. The broccoli gets nice and soft but not mushy – very important – and the lemons and garlic caramelize a bit. Pretty wonderful.

When you are roasting vegetables make sure not to pile them up in the roasting pan. If you do they will steam instead of roast. Work in single layers in a very hot oven.

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Roasted Broccoli with Lemons and Garlic

1 medium head of broccoli
1 lemon – halved
2 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

Heat your oven to 400F (200C).

Separate the broccoli florets and rinse them. Dry well and place in a roasting pan, in a single layer.

Drizzle with oil and season generously with salt and pepper. With clean hands, mix well making sure to coat all of the broccoli. You can do this in a bowl if you prefer. Make sure to arrange back in a single layer.

Cut 1/4th of the lemon into thin slices. Cut those slices into small wedges.

Slice the garlic as thinly as you can.

Zest 1/4th of the lemon onto the broccoli and squeeze its juice all over the pan.

Scatter the garlic and the lemon wedges all around the pan.

Place in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Check the broccoli at 15 minutes. If it has black specs remove it. If it is still not ready, put it back for another 5 minutes.

Remove and enjoy as a side or a light meal.
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