Weight Loss Green Juice

Weight Loss Green Juice
Weight Loss Green Juice

This weight loss green juice is not magical but it definitely helps! It is made with cucumbers and celery. If you drink it all day you will find that it will help you release any liquid that you may be retaining. It will also hydrate your body, make you feel energetic and clean.

Cucumbers are low in calories and are very nutritious. They are packed in vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fiber. They also have a high water content. In fact, they are composed of 96% water. This promotes hydration which makes you feel good. Cucumbers are also great antioxidants.

Celery is also a great antioxidant. It too is high in Vitamin A, K and C. It has a lot of potassium and folate. Very, very good for your body.

We are also going to add some fresh lemon juice to this. A vitamin bomb that helps you feel clean, hydrated and energized.

Here are a couple more juices that are great for your body. Green Smoothie and Spinach Smoothie

Weight Loss Green Juice
1 medium organic cucumber (if not organic peel it)
2 celery stalks – halved
1 lemon

Wash the cucumber and peel it if it is not organic. Cut into slices.

Remove the threads from the celery and cut in half.

Place the cucumbers and celery into the blender. Add some water and blend it until smooth.

Add some ice to a pitcher and add the juice. If your blender is not high powered you will have to strain the juice. Top off with water and stir.

Refrigerate and enjoy this green juice during the day. Stir before serving.

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