Blueberry Iced Green Tea

Blueberry Iced Green Tea
Blueberry Iced Green Tea

This blueberry iced green tea (antioxidant tea) recipe is loaded in good things for your body. We will steep green tea with blueberries, ginger and fresh mint.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols which is a natural compound which reduces inflammation and helps fight cancer. It also contains natural antioxidants (EGCG) that help prevent cell damage by reducing the formation of free radicals. This protects your brain and heart. Green tea might also increase your metabolism and help you lose weight with a balanced diet and exercise. Finally, it might help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Blueberries are also natural antioxidants. In fact, they are believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese. They are low in calories, as well. It is believed that blueberries also protect against DNA damage keeping your brain and heart healthy and preventing LDL (bad cholesterol) from oxidizing. They may also lower blood pressure, may have anti-diabetes effects and may fight urinary tract infections.

Ginger has a compound named gingerol, which has powerful medicinal properties. For one, it drastically lowers blood sugars and may lower bad cholesterol (LDL). It can also aid in loss weight and is great for nausea. Ginger helps support a healthy immune system as well. Gingerol is also believed to prevent cancer.

Mint leaves are rich in nutrients. They contain Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese and Folate. Mint is excellent for aiding digestion and possibly for improving brain function. Use it for relieving colds and strengthening your immune system.

How to make blueberry iced green tea –

1 – 1 quart jar 1/2 cup (heaping) of blueberries – you can use any berry you like
6 mint leaves
4 slices ginger (no need to peel)
2 bags green tea
Boiling water
Sweetener optional

Place the blueberries, mint and ginger in a the jar.

Hang the tea bags on the side of the jar. Add bowling water to the rim.

Steep for 15 minutes.

Remove the tea bags — make sure to squeeze all of the liquid out of the bags. Sweeten if you are going to and stir well.

Cool down completely. Cover the jar and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Fill a glass with ice. Pout the tea through a strainer and serve. Enjoy this tea as many times a day as you want!

This tea will last in the fridge for 3 days.

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