5 de Mayo

A series of frugal Mexican recipes for inexpensive meals on a budget.

Beef Fajitas


These beef fajitas are made with marinated flank steak. The meat is tender and flavorful and is served in a tortilla with onions and…

Chocoflan Recipe


Chocoflan is a chocolate cake that is topped with a creamy flan and wonderful, oozing caramel sauce. It is truly an exquisite dessert that…

Horchata Recipe


Horchata is a Mexican rice based drink that can sometimes include almonds. This recipe does. It is very easy to make, creamy and very…

Pozole Recipe


This pozole recipe is made with pork, hominy and Mexican chilies. It is loaded in flavor and quite easy to make. It is a…

Michelada Recipe


This Michelada recipe is basic and absolutely delicious. It consists of a salt rimmed glass full of lime juice, beer and ice. Super refreshing….