Chicken Sliders Recipe

Here is a very simple chicken sliders recipe that you can make with rotisserie chicken or boiled chicken breast. All you will be doing is shredding it and cooking it with bbq sauce and chipotle pepper for a beautiful balance of smoky bbq flavor. I use my homemade bbq sauce with apple juice for this but you can use store bought if you prefer.

Chipotles are smoked jalapeño peppers that are canned in a tomato sauce called adobo. They add a beautiful spicy and smoky flavor to foods. They are packed with their seeds so they can be quite hot. The amount of chipotles that you choose to use will depend on how much heat you like to eat.

Here is what you are going to need for this delectable chicken sliders recipe:

8 sliders

1 whole cooked – skinless, boneless chicken breast – about 1.5 pounds
1 chipotle pepper in adobo – chopped
1 cup bbq sauce + more for prepping sandwiches
1/8th cup water
8 small slices cheese of choice
8 small burger buns
8 tomato slices
8 small lettuce leaves
1 TBS olive oil

Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Add the oil to a large skillet. Heat it and add the chicken. Add the chipotle and bbq sauce. Mix well. Add the water and cook – on very low heat – for about 15 minutes.

Cut the buns in half and place on a baking sheet. Spoon chicken on the bottom part of the roll. Top with the cheese and place in oven. Leave it in oven for about 5 to 6 minutes – until cheese is melted.

Remove from oven and add some more bbq sauce on top bun. Top the chicken with a tomato slice and lettuce leaf. Cover with remaining bun and serve. Enjoy!

1/8th of bbq chicken – no bread or condiments – CALORIES 133.90; FAT 1.15 grs (sat 0.10; mono 0.15; poly 0.07); PROTEIN 23.39 grs ; FIBER 0.00 grs; CARBS 6.58 grs; CHOLESTEROL 60.00 mg; IRON 0.81 mg; SODIUM 248.47 mg; CALCIUM 1.19 mg

Print the BBQ Chipotle Chicken Sliders Recipe Here


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