Meatloaf Muffins

These meatloaf muffins are made with bbq sauce and chipotles. They are delicious and moist. If you prefer you can make this into a loaf but these are fun to serve and eat. I also think they retain their moisture better because they cook faster.

I am using a store bought bbq sauce for this recipe but you can definitely make it with homemade. We are going to make a sauce with onions, garlic, chipotles and bbq sauce. We will then mix it into the meat.

We are also going to cook some chopped bacon to add to the meat. This will give it a very special flavor. Because of the bacon and the sauce we will not add any extra salt to this. It will have enough.

Finally, we will finish these with a thick glaze of bbq sauce that we will spread. These will take 30 to 35 minutes to be ready — depending on your oven.

This is what you are going to need for these moist and delicious meatloaf muffins:

Makes eight
6 bacon strips – chopped
1/3-cup breadcrumbs (add up to another ¼ cup to your mixed meat if it is too wet)
½ cup whole milk
2 TBS finely chopped onion
2 garlic cloves – minced
2 chipotles in adobo – finely copped
½ tsp. ground cumin
½ tsp. oregano
2 TBS water
¼ cup BBQ sauce of choice + more for glazing
1 pound lean ground beef
2 TBS chopped parsley
1 egg
Black pepper

Heat your oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and lightly oil or spray a muffin tin.

Cook the bacon in a skillet until crisp and set aside. Remove the cooked bacon onto a paper towel lined plate. Remove all but 1 TBS of the rendered fat.

Soak the breadcrumbs with the milk in a small bowl.

Add the chopped onion, garlic and chipotles to the skillet with the rendered bacon fat. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 4 to 5 minutes until the onion is softened and translucent. Add the cumin and the oregano and continue cooking and stirring. Make sure to scrape the brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Add the water and mix well. Cook for a couple of minutes until most of the water evaporates and add the barbecue sauce. Mix in well and allow simmering for about 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool down.

Place the beef in a bowl and add the soaked breadcrumbs, the cooked bacon, the chopped parsley, and the cooked onions with barbecue sauce. Add the egg and black pepper to taste. Mix it all together with clean hands (if you are sensitive to chilies use gloves and if you use your hands make sure you wash them thoroughly when you are done). Add more breadcrumbs if your mixture is too wet (this mixture should be quite moist so don’t overdo it with the breadcrumbs).

Form eight equal size huge meatballs and place each one in one of the muffin molds. Cover the tops with more barbecue sauce and spread it with a knife or the back of a spoon. Place the mold into the oven and bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Enjoy!

Print the Recipe Here

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