In 2005 things started to change drastically in our economy. Both my husband and I were involved in Real Estate. Peter building it, I selling it. Like many other people our reality was turned upside down, almost overnight, and we had to start all over again. It is during this time that I would constantly hear about the high prices of food and the general worry of what to eat within a budget.

Although I had not been living on a budget myself – but was going to have to do so now – I knew I could help with this problem. I was born in the US but grew up in Bolivia where people eat homemade meals every day. My mother was always a world class ‘budgeter’ and she taught us the value of not overspending or wasting (food or whatever it may be). This is a quality I forgot once I was back in the US – shame on me! I got caught up in the race, was doing well economically and simply took it all for granted. It is funny how life finds ways to bring us back to our senses!

This website was created to help anyone who is interested in learning how to cook healthy meals without going broke! It is my absolute desire that I can help you get organized, save money on food and share my recipes with you! Here’s to a new way of life!

With the current economy, everyone will appreciate this wonderful, timely book….

. . . .the recipes deliver great flavor and are easy on the pocketbook!!!

Thank you “Frugal Chef” for making my grocery list for me so I can save numerous trips to the store and have all the ingredients I need for great meals at a very reasonable price!

Kim Martie – San Ramon, CA

Thank you!

I think this book is great! For a mom I feel I have a variety of meals to choose from and have the grocery list in hand; what more could you ask for. Also it is not the same old thing to eat all the time.

Christina Paul – Pleasanton, CA

Just what I needed!

I love the format, the lists and your comments that make cooking such a lighter chore. After going through a couple of weeks’ recipes I’m ready to print a list and get ready for an organized week!

Carmensol Rehbein – Merced, CA

Wow, this is a fantastic cookbook!

I think the book will make everyone’s life easier. I already tried the Lentil Stew with Brown Rice and it turned out great. There is such a variety of recipes that are easy to make and also are healthy. The organization is very easy to follow.

Getting all those brilliant recipes together for healthy meals and a healthy wallet it is not an easy task. So, for whoever buys the book it will definitely be an investment. I really liked everything about the book. I believe it is going to be very successful.

Marjorie McCracken – La Paz, Bolivia

Your book is a lifesaver for the working busy mother (or father!)

I would recommend it. It should be on Bridal Shower “MUST HAVE” list and a great book for Bachelor and Bachlorettes Entertaining Guide.

Your book has a nice collection of great recipies. They seem easy enough for a Novice to put together a fast and simple meal , nutritious, not outrageous in price, (and in time, can modify the recipes as they become more accustomed to the taste and simplicity.

Tina Schudel – Livermore, CA

I love it!

For me following recipes is not easy but I have been able to make all the ones I chose. I am sure this will be the same for all my friends who are starting out and are on a tight budget.

Susana Arce – San Francisco, CA

Thank you for simplifying my life!

No repeated recipes, a great variety in every menu and I don’t have to come up with a weekly menu anymore! What I love the best are the shopping lists because they help me do my shopping without stocking my pantry and fridge with needless stuff. I also like the recipes. The food tastes great.

Georgette Nemtala – San Francisco, CA

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