Healthy Recipes for Dinner – Steamed White Fish

I made this recipe with a mild, white fish from the Amazon river – Surubi. This will work beautifully with any mild white fish you can find. You can really keep the cost down by purchasing inexpensive fish. As you will see I do not add salt to the fish because I set it on soy sauce once it is cooked through. This is a very healthy, quick and easy recipe. Here is what you need for this:

1 large fillet of mild white fish
2 to 3 scallions – chopped
1 -1 inch piece fresh ginger – grated
1 large garlic cloves
1 additional small piece of fresh ginger – peeled
1 TBS coarse salt
Soy sauce

Rinse and oat dry the fish. Top with the chopped scallions and grated ginger.

Fill you steamer with a little water. Add the garlic, ginger and coarse salt. Place the fish in the steaming basket and steam, covered until cooked through. The time will depend on the thickness of your fish.

Add some soy sauce to the bottom of a deep serving dish. Place the cooked fish on the soy sauce and serve. Enjoy!

Print the Steamed White Fish Recipe Here

My name is Mary Ann Allen and I am here to help you get organized so you can save money on groceries and feed your family healthy, nutritious food. My multi-cultural cooking background comes from being born in the US and raised in Bolivia. I have 5 kids and own around 400 cook books. I absolutely love to cook!

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