Chocolate Coconut Bars

These chocolate coconut bars come from a fellow YouTuber – PrincessDiana161. If you get a chance check out her channel. She has great recipes and a lot of cool tips!

As Diana says, if you like Mounds bars you will love these. They have a chewy filling, on top of a crunchy chocolate base that turns heavenly when you cover it with chocolate. Absolute perfection.

These chocolate coconut bars are super easy to make and are an absolute hit with adults and kids alike. Make sure you allow them to set properly by chilling them for a minimum of two hours. I promise you will not regret waiting.

Here is what you are going to need for these exquisite chocolate coconut bars:

Makes 24 bars

14 oz. chocolate wafers – crushed
6 TBS caster or confectioners’ sugar
6 TBS melted unsalted butter – cooled
14 oz. shredded coconut – can be sweetened but not necessary
14 oz. sweetened condensed milk
1 cup heavy cream
14 oz. bittersweet chocolate chips or pieces

Heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Place the chocolate crumbs, sugar and melted butter in a bowl. Mix it well – until all the ingredients are incorporated. Press them evenly into a lightly buttered 13×9 pan.

Place the coconut and condensed milk in a bowl and mix well. Spread the mixture evenly over the cookie crust. Place the pan in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until the edges are golden. Remove from oven and cool down completely.

Place the cream in a small pan and bring to the start of a boil – when you see small bubbles on the sides of the pan. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and allow sitting for 2 minutes. Vigorously mix the cream and chocolate until you have a glossy and even frosting.

Pour the chocolate ganache over the cooked and cooled coconut. Spread it evenly. Cover the pan with plastic wrap – without touching the chocolate – and refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove from fridge and cut bars as large or small as you like. Enjoy!

CALORIES 352.73.; FAT 23.96 grs (sat 16.09; mono 2.7; poly 0.39); PROTEIN 4.31 grs ; FIBER 3.18 grs; CARBS 32.41 grs; CHOLESTEROL 39.83 mg; IRON 1.42 mg; SODIUM 75.15 mg; CALCIUM 56.93 mg

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