Mango Pops Recipe

This mango pops recipe is made with plain yogurt and pineapple. It is very easy to make, gluten free, low calorie, creamy and delicious.

Try and find mangoes that are fleshy and not with too much fiber. If you notice fibers in the blended cream go ahead and pass it through a sieve before freezing them.

The sugar in this recipe is optional but please keep in mind that things lose their sweetness when they are freezing.

Although I used molds for these you can make these in disposable cups without a problem. Simply make sure that you let the cream freeze for at least 30 minutes before you add the sticks. This will ensure that they are straight and not crooked.

Here are some fun pop molds that you can buy directly from Amazon:

Here is what you are going to need for these creamy and delicious mango pops recipe:

Makes twelve 2.5 oz. pops
2 slices pineapple cut in chunks
1 medium mango – peeled and cored
1 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
¼ cup sugar (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy. Place into molds and freeze. If you are using disposable cups freeze them for 30 to 40 minutes and then insert the sticks.
Once frozen pass the molds through some warm water and unmold. Enjoy!

NOTE – if the mango you are using has too much fiber you will have to pass the cream through a sieve before freezing it. Try and use a mango that is fleshy and not stringy.

Sugar is optional in this recipe but please keep in mind that things lose sweetness as they freeze.

CALORIES 51.86; FAT 0.41 grs (sat 0.25; mono 0.11; poly 0.01); PROTEIN 2.74 grs ; FIBER 0.27 grs; CARBS 9.27 grs; CHOLESTEROL 1.62 mg; IRON 0.15 mg; SODIUM 17.95 mg; CALCIUM 50.43 mg

Print the Mango, Pineapple and Yogurt Pops Recipe Here

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