Spinach Smoothie with Fruit

This spinach smoothie with fruit is made with blueberries, apricot, mint and cucumber. It is full of vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Blueberries are great antioxidants as well and the cucumber is a natural diuretic.

The beauty of green smoothies, as opposed to juices made with a juicer is that the fiber stays in the juice and not the machine. This makes them great for weight loss as you will be satisfied and full for a while with only 65 calories.

The mint in this spinach smoothie with fruit makes it very refreshing. As far as I am concerned this is also a great smoothie for your brain. Liquefied brain food in a glass full of goodness.

This is what you are going to need for this deliciously healthy spinach smoothie with fruit recipe:

Serves one

A handful of baby spinach leaves
A handful of blueberries
4 mint leaves
½ a large apricot, seeded
3 slices cucumber

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. The time it takes will depend on your blender.
Serve and enjoy.

CALORIES 65.08; FAT 0.32 grs (sat 0.03; mono 0.06; poly 0.12); PROTEIN 2.19 grs ; FIBER 3.48 grs; CARBS 14.92 grs; CHOLESTEROL 0.00mg; IRON 2.10 mg; SODIUM 44.49 mg; CALCIUM 62.03 mg

Print the Spinach Smoothie with Fruit Recipe Here

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