Fennel Salad

This fennel salad is made with salad greens, fennel bulb and orange pieces. We will make orange vinaigrette to dress it and serve it with avocado slices. The final result is a wonderfully fresh salad that is loaded in flavor.

Fennel bulb has a slight licorice flavor to it. It is a very crisp vegetable that adds a lot to this salad. It goes beautifully with oranges.

The orange vinaigrette I am making in this recipe has honey in it. However, if you want to make it vegan you can definitely use agave. That will be perfectly fine.

You can also use any salad greens you want for this recipe. I used a mixture of lettuce and baby spinach.

This is what you are going to need to make this delicious and healthy fennel salad with oranges and orange vinaigrette:

1 medium fennel bulb – halved and sliced
1 medium sweet orange – segmented and chopped
4 to 5 cups salad greens
Avocado slices

¼ cup of fresh orange juice
½ tsp. orange zest
1 TBS honey or agave
2 TBS balsamic vinegar
¼ cup olive oil

Mix the salad greens, chopped orange and fennel in a large bowl.

In another bowl, whisk together the orange juice with the zest, honey and balsamic vinegar. Add the olive oil in a slow stream as you whisk constantly.

Add the dressing to the salad and toss well. Serve with avocado slices.

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