Weekly Menus October 2015

It is time for our weekly menus October 2015. As always I have tried to compile easy and healthy dishes for you every week. Some you can make in advance and freeze — thaw them the day you want to eat them — and others take under 30 minutes to be ready. If there is something you do not like please search through the website and see what you prefer to cook.

Shrimp Roasted Tomato Pasta

Spicy Beef Stew
Shrimp with Pasta
Black Bean and Squash Chili
Baked Fish Sticks
Oven BBQ Chicken legs

Monday’s beef stew can be made in a slow cooker. You will have to brown the beef but then you can add everything to the cooker. It is a delicious stew loaded with veggies and flavor. You do not need to make this spicy if you don’t want to.

Tuesday’s shrimp is made with roasted tomatoes and roasted garlic. You can make these a day ahead. Making the rest of the sauce and cooking the shrimp can be done as you cook the pasta.

Wednesday’s black chili is very simple to make. You can make this with canned black beans to save time. I use my homemade chili powder for this but feel free to use store bought.

Thursday’s baked fish sticks are coated in egg white and Parmesan cheese. They are an all time favorite – tender flaky fish enveloped in a crunchy coat. Serve these with tartar sauce if you like.

Friday’s baked chicken legs are awesomely easy. The oven will basically do all the work for you. I use my homemade barbecue sauce for this but you use your favorite one. Delish!

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Marinated Carne Asada Tacos pg-108 (2)

Vegetable Green Curry with Rice
Carne Asada Tacos
Coconut Turmeric Fish
Baked Chicken Thighs with Fennel and Tomato
Pork Loin with Pineapples and Bell Pepper

Monday’s vegetable curry is wicked easy to make. You can use a variety of veggies for this recipe, which you will cook in coconut milk with green curry paste. This is delicious and healthy.

Tuesday’s carne asada tacos call for marinating the beef. However, you can make these with lime, salt and pepper as well if you do not have time to marinate. Serve the meat with salsa, white onion and cilantro. These tacos are easy and a pleasure to eat.

Wednesday’s fish can be made in minutes and you can use any type of white fleshy fish for it. Turmeric is excellent for you health and this is a great way to incorporate it into your diet.

Thursday’s baked chicken thighs are made with fennel and tomatoes. This is a very easy and delicious dish that will practically cook itself. This dish goes very nicely with rice or mashed potatoes.

Friday’s pork loin is also very easy and quick to make. Tender cubes of pork are cooked with pineapple chunks and bell peppers in an Asian sauce. Very nice.

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Stuffed Chicken Breast web

Potato Leek Soup
Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
Tamale Pie with Side Salad
Salmon with Onions, Tomatoes and Cilantro
Baked Ziti

Monday’s soup is silky and delicate. It is also very satisfying and easy to make. Serve it with a nice loaf of crunchy bread and butter.

Tuesday’s chicken breast isn’t at all complicated to make. You will need to stuff the chicken, coat it and fry it for a few minutes. It is then finished in the oven. This is a fantastic meal.

Wednesday’s tamale pie can be made ahead and frozen. Thaw it in the fridge the day before you cook it. This meal packs beautifully for school or work lunches.

Thursday’s fish is extremely easy to make. It is super flavorful and healthy as well. Al you nee to do is place the ingredients in a baking dish and let the oven do the rest of the work for you.

Friday’s baked ziti is made with a sausage and tomato sauce that is mixed with ricotta cheese and cooked ziti. It is then baked. The final result is a creamy and delicious meal that you will be proud to serve.

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Shrimp Soup

Vegetarian Lentil Stew
Shepherd’s Pie
Shrimp Soup with Coconut Milk
Easy Chicken Spaghetti
Swiss Cheese Mushroom Burgers

Monday’s lentil stew has a Latin flair as it is made with a sofrito and tomato sauce. It is spiced beautifully and is very satisfying. You can eat this as is or with some rice. This meal can be made a couple days ahead of time, as it tends to taste better as the days go by.

Tuesday’s shepherd’s pie can be made in advance and frozen. Simply thaw it in the fridge the day before you are going to cook it. This is a wonderful meat and potato pie that is the ultimate comfort food.

Wednesday’s shrimp and coconut milk soup is wicked easy to make. It is also very, very tasty. Serve this exquisite meal with some crunchy bread and butter.

Thursday’s meal is made by cooking cubed chicken breast in a tomato sauce and then mixing it with cooked spaghetti, transferring it to a baking dish, covering it with cheese and baking. Must I say more?

Friday’s burgers are made with browned onions and mushrooms and Swiss cheese. You can add crispy bacon to this is you like. These burgers are a work of art that you can make in one skillet.

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