St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day a celebration of this Irish saint’s anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years. Saint Patrick’s Day falls during Lent, a period during which the consumption of meat is prohibited. However, this rule is overlooked on this very important Irish day. Whether you are Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is lots of fun!
There are a few theories on why people wear green on St. Paddy’s day. I think it has to do with green being the color that represents Catholics – as opposed to orange that represents Protestants. However, it is here in the US that the traditional green is a must on this day. I understand that is not a requirement in Ireland! However, in the spirit of keeping with tradition here are my 11 favorites for this very fun holiday:

 Green Salad: a simple green salad of Mache leaves, sliced mushrooms, red onions, hard boiled egg and mustard vinaigrette. Print the Mache Salad Recipe Here!

 Cream of Spinach Soup: a smooth and silky cream made of spinach, turnips and leeks. Print the Cream of Spinach Recipe Here!

 Irish Soda Bread: traditional Irish bread made with flour, baking soda, salt and buttermilk. Print the Irish Soda Bread Recipe Here!

 Slow cooked Corn Beef Brisket & Cabbage : a meal of slow cooked corn beef brisket with cabbage, onions and potatoes; Print the Corn Beef Brisket Recipe Here!

 Irish Lamb Stew: a delicious stew made with lamb, onions, carrots and potatoes; Print the Lamb Stew Recipe Here!

 Shepherd’s Pie: a casserole with ground beef and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes. Print the Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Here!

 Grasshopper Pie: a chilled minty cream pie with chocolate crust; Print the Grasshopper Pie Recipe Here!

 Bread pudding with Irish whiskey sauce: a delicious pudding made of bread, raisins and Irish whiskey. Print the Bread Pudding Recipe Here!

 Green Beer : a glass of beer with a drop of green food coloring
 Green Lemonade: a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade with a drop of green food coloring.
 Irish Coffee: a great way of finishing a feast – warm coffee, Irish whiskey and whipped cream; OR
 Irish cream on the rocks with a splash of whiskey.
These are a few of the wonderful things you can prepare for this very fun day! Enjoy and drink responsibly!

My name is Mary Ann Allen and I am here to help you get organized so you can save money on groceries and feed your family healthy, nutritious food. My multi-cultural cooking background comes from being born in the US and raised in Bolivia. I have 5 kids and own around 400 cook books. I absolutely love to cook!

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