Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

Peanut Butter Bark
Rich and delicious chocolate peanut butter bark

This double chocolate peanut butter bark is outstanding! We used to make it year round at the deli and it was always a hit! It is also really easy to make. If you would prefer to use a better quality white chocolate, instead of chocolate chips, go ahead. I used chocolate chips here because they are less expensive and render great results! Here is what you will need for this:

1 pound plus 2 oz. white chocolate chips (or any other white chocolate)
1 ½ cups chunky peanut butter
8 oz. bittersweet chocolate

• Butter a rimmed cookie sheet and line with parchment paper.
• Mix 1 pound white chocolate with peanut butter. Melt white chocolate and peanut butter in a bowl over simmering water, mixing often.
• Melt the remaining 2 oz. of white chocolate in a separate bowl, over simmering water.
• Do the same with the bittersweet chocolate.
• Spread melted chocolate and peanut butter on baking sheet. Spread it evenly and into a thin layer.
• Evenly distribute the melted bittersweet chocolate and the melted white chocolate on the peanut butter.
• Using the tip of a sharp knife, marbleize the two chocolates into the peanut butter.
• Refrigerate for 2 hours. Cut into pieces.
• Pack in an airtight container between layers of wax paper

Print the Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark Recipe Here

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  • i have made the triple chocolate bark, it was fantastic, everybody loved it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! Tabetha

  • Love your recipes. I’m a fairly experienced cook, but it’s helpful to view the video for first attempts. Love the site! Thank you for your efforts!!!

    Please add me to your subscription list for newsletters etc (if you have one).

    Patty Seymour

  • Hi Patty!
    Thank you very much for stopping by! I am happy you find value here. I will add you to the newsletter. Here’s to a fantastic 2012!
    Mary Ann

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