Strawberry Dipped Chocolate – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are in season! They are sweet, delicious and cheap! Here’s a great way to prep them for a light dessert or as a snack. Make them as a gift for your next party! Here is what you need for this:

Dark or milk chocolate
White chocolate

• Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
• Wash the strawberries and place in a flat layer on paper towels. Carefully dry them. Dry them well.
• Melt the chocolates in a bowl over some boiling water.
• Dip your strawberries into the melted dark or milk chocolate, shaking off the excess.
• Place on the baking sheet and decorate with white chocolate. Use a skewer or fork to drizzle or ‘paint’ on the chocolate.
• Let chocolate set and harden.
• Serve.
• You can refrigerate these for a couple of days.

Note: You will need 6 oz. of dark chocolate and 3 oz. of white per dozen

Print the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe Here

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