Spicy Mustard Chicken Tenders

This is one of those meals that you can make in a few minutes! Buy frozen chicken tenders to save money. Thaw them, rinse them and marinate them. Your final result will be delicious! serve this with some crispy, smashed potatoes and a salad.

You will need:
12 chicken tenders ( I am calculating 3 per person)
2 TBS mustard
1 TBS Siracha (an Asian hot sauce easily found in the Asian aisle of the grocery store) – optional
1 TBS peanut oil
1 TBS soy sauce
Black pepper

Rinse the chicken tenders and pat dry. Mix all of the other ingredients in a small bowl. Pour over the chicken tenders and coat well. Refrigerate – covered – for at least 4 hours.

Heat a large skillet with a thin coat of olive oil. Shake the excess marinade off the chicken and place in the skillet. Cook for about 5 minutes, until bottom is browned, and flip. Cook for another 4 to 5 minutes until chicken is evenly browned and cooked through. Serve.

Print the Spicy Chicken Tenders Recipe Here

My name is Mary Ann Allen and I am here to help you get organized so you can save money on groceries and feed your family healthy, nutritious food. My multi-cultural cooking background comes from being born in the US and raised in Bolivia. I have 5 kids and own around 400 cook books. I absolutely love to cook!

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