Stewed Chicken with Chipotle

This stewed chicken recipe brings a pleasant kick as it is made with chipotles.

Chipotles are smoked jalapeño peppers that are canned in a tomato sauce called adobo. They add a beautiful spicy and smoky flavor to foods. They are packed with their seeds so they can be quite hot. The amount of chipotles that you choose to use will depend on how much heat you like to eat.

I also added cubed sweet potatoes to this stewed chicken which complements the heat very nicely. This is quite an exquisite dish.

Here is what you are going to need for this stewed chicken recipe:

Serves four

4 skinless chicken thighs and 4 skinless chicken drumsticks
1 large yellow onion – thinly chopped
3 garlic cloves – minced
2 celery stalks – finely chopped including leaves
2 TBS finely chopped parsley
3 chipotle peppers with adobo – chopped
2 medium carrots – sliced
3 large tomatoes – peeled, seeded and chopped (keep all the juice)
1 large sweet potato – peeled and cubed
2 cups low sodium chicken broth
1 TBS flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
Olive oil

Rinse and pat dry the chicken pieces. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat a large skillet with some oil. Brown the chicken pieces evenly on all sides. Set aside and wipe the skillet.

Add a little more oil into the clean skillet. Add the onion and cook for about 8 to 10 minutes, until softened and lightly browned. Add the garlic and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring often. Add the celery, parsley, oregano and chipotle peppers. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes until fragrant. Add the carrots, tomatoes with their rendered juice, sweet potatoes and low sodium chicken broth.

Return the chicken to the pan. Bring stew to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 45 to 50 minutes – until chicken is cooked through.

Remove chicken from pot and discard any hanging skin. Remove ¼ cup sauce in a small bowl. Add the flour and whisk until you have no lumps. Add the flour mixture to the pot and bring to a boil. Whisk until gravy is thick. Taste for salt and adjust if necessary. Return the chicken to the pot and heat through. Serve with rice. Enjoy!

Suggested sides – Mexican or Turmeric Vermicelli Rice

CALORIES 358.57; FAT 11.38 grs (sat 2.7; mono 4.5; poly 2.0); PROTEIN 39.24 grs ; FIBER 4.17 grs; CARBS 24.12 grs; CHOLESTEROL 140.39 mg; IRON 3.28 mg; SODIUM 886.59 mg; CALCIUM 82.32 mg

Print the Chipotle Chicken Stew Recipe Here

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