Japanese Rice Balls

These Japanese rice balls come from my friend Mayumi in Santo, Vanuatu. She makes them every time we get together and we all love them. They are made from white rice and Japanese rice seasoning (FURIKAKE). They are truly delicious.

These Japanese rice balls will last you for three days in a closed container in the fridge so you can make them in advance. As Mayumi says they are great for bbq’s and picnics. She taught us that the salt that is added to your hands while you are forming them helps make these last longer.

One recommendation would be that you try and not compact these too much. Gently form the triangles in cupped hands, flipping as you go. This will make them nice and fluffy.

Another recommendation of Mayumi’s is that you use a good quality medium grain rice to make these. She also wants you to enjoy these with Japanese soy sauce that is less salty than other ones.

You can find the seasonings on the following carousel. They come to you from Amazon and will not cost you a penny more. They do however get me a very small commission that allows me to maintain the website.

This is truly a delicious treat. Here is what you need to so for these wonderful Japanese rice balls:

Makes about 40 rice balls
5 cups good quality medium grain rice
6 cups water
Japanese rice seasoning
Water and salt for shaping

Place the five cups of rice in a rice cooker and wash thoroughly changing your water twice.

Add 6 cups of water on top of the rice. Cook as per rice cooker instructions. Once it is done let the rice sit for five minutes. After five minutes stir the rice with a wooden spoon, cover it and allow it to sit for an extra five minutes.

Place half of the rice in a big bowl and add a 36.3 gram (1.29 ounces). Add the seasoning in batches, mixing well as you add. You do not want any large areas of white rice in your bowl. Play it by ear. You might not need all the seasoning either. If you have any leftover seasoning keep it in a sealed bag.

Wet your fingers and place about ¼ cup of seasoned rice in your hand. Cup your other hand and start lightly squeezing the rice and flipping it after each squeeze. After three or four flips, swipe some salt on your palm and finish forming your rice. You want it to be a perfect triangle.

Serve these with some Japanese soy sauce as a side for anything you like. You can store these in a closed container in the fridge for about three days.

Print the Japanese Rice Balls Recipe Here

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