The Best Way to Cook Brown Rice

This is hands down the best way to cook brown rice. You will end up with perfect results all the time. We are going to cook it like pasta and it will be ready in twenty minutes as opposed to forty or forty five.

The traditional way to cook brown rice is by steaming it. However, many times you end up with completely evaporated liquid and your rice is not fully cooked. This happens because it takes so long to cook it and you cannot reduce the heat on your stove quite enough.

With this method to cook brown rice you will not have to worry about that. What is more every single grain will be cooked at the same time.

One cup of uncooked rice will render you two cups of cooked. I am providing you with the nutritional information at the bottom of the recipe.

Here is what you are going to need to cook brown rice perfectly and easily:

1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. The exact amount of water does not matter as you will be cooking this just like pasta.

2. Wash your rice thoroughly and add it to the pot. Do not overcrowd the pot. You want room for the rice to cook. I normally add two cups of uncooked rice to about eight cups of boiling water.

3. Stir the rice just like you would do with pasta and let it cook. The water will start boiling again and the rice needs no further attention.

4. About twenty minutes into the cooking take some rice out of the pot and taste a grain to see if it is cooked through. If it needs a little more time check it within a minute or two. Do not overcook your rice.

5. Drain the cooked rice but do not wash it – meaning do not place it under cold running water.

6. Fluff the rice and serve. You can add some olive oil or butter to it if you like at this point but it will not be necessary. Enjoy.

1/2 cup cooked rice – CALORIES 171.12; FAT 1.35 grs (sat 0.27; mono 0.48; poly 0.48); PROTEIN 3.67 grs ; FIBER 1.61 grs; CARBS 35.72 grs; CHOLESTEROL 0.00 mg; IRON 0.68 mg; SODIUM 589.94 mg; CALCIUM 16.33 mg

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