Weekly Menus May 2015

Weekly menus May 2015 are here! As always I have tried to pick a variety of easy, delicious and healthy recipes for you. You might have noticed that I always include a beef, chicken, vegetarian and fish or seafood meal for each week. Some weeks I include a pasta dish. If there is anything you do not like on the menus feel free to browse through the website and pick whatever you prefer from over 1000 recipes. Thanks!

Pea Soup 2

Pea Soup with Crusty Bread
Ziti with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Cilantro Chicken Breast
Reuben Sandwiches
Shrimp with Fennel and Tomatoes

Monday’s pea soup is the ultimate in simplicity as it requires only a few ingredients. The soup itself is very flavorful and fresh. You can leave this meal vegan if you omit the splash of half-and-half as a garnish. This soup takes only about 30 minutes to make. Although I used fresh peas you can make this with frozen ones as well.

Tuesday’s ziti with spicy tomato sauce is very easy as well. The sauce does require 60 to 90 minutes of simmering but it can be made in advance. In fact, you can freeze it so that all you have to do is thaw it and cook the pasta before dinnertime.

Wednesday’s cilantro chicken breast is very, very fresh. We will be using boneless, skinless chicken breast for this. The sauce is vibrant with fresh cilantro and lemon flavors. Serve this with your side of preference although rice or mashed potatoes would be great to sop up the sauce.

Thursday’s Reuben sandwiches can be made with store bought corned beef, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Of course you can make these at home but for convenience purposes store bought is fine. I love Reuben sandwiches. They are very satisfying and full of flavor.

Friday’s shrimp with fennel and tomatoes are ultra-easy to make. This is a very healthy meal that can be on the table under 30 minutes. You can eat this shrimp as is or serve it with pasta (angel hair would be great) or rice.

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Red Curry Beef

Eggplant Soup with Crusty Bread
Baked Pork Chops
Trout or Salmon in Citrus Butter
Beef in Red Curry Sauce
Chicken Enchiladas

Monday’s eggplant soup is loaded with nutrients and flavor. It is made with eggplant, zucchini and peppers in a spicy tomato broth. It also has rice in it. This is a soup that can be made a day ahead and heated before dinner. Serve it with s nice piece of crusty bread and you have a full dinner.

Tuesday’s baked pork chops cook for about 2 hours in the oven. We are going to make them is a sort of homey mustard sauce. The end result is a very flavorful and tender piece of meat. You can make these a day ahead of time and heat them up before dinner. These go beautifully with mashed potatoes.

Wednesday’s meal can be made with trout or salmon. This is a very easy dish that is full of flavor. The sauce is made before you cook the fish but that will take minutes. The fish itself will also take a few minutes to be ready. This is a vibrant, healthy and delicious meal.

Thursday’s red curry beef is also a very easy meal to make. The longest you will take is in prepping your ingredients. You will need Thai red curry paste for this meal. The level of spiciness will depend on the amount of curry that you use. Make sure to have all your ingredients ready before you start making this wonderful dish. Steamed rice is a great side for this.

Friday’s enchiladas are wonderful. You will need enchilada sauce that you can purchase at the store. However, if you decide to Homemade Enchilada Sauceit is really not all that hard. You can use rotisserie chicken for this in order to save time. Delicious way to finish the week.

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Tortilla Chip Salad

Spaghetti Carbonara
Sweet Potato and Quinoa Patties
Baked Salmon with Onions and Tomatoes
Taco Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
BBQ Oven Chicken Legs

Monday’s spaghetti is an all-time favorite that is very easy to make. Please make sure to set some of the pasta cooking liquid aside to finish this dish. I prefer to use grated Parmesan cheese for this as opposed to shredded. I find that it makes for a better sauce.

Tuesday’s patties can be made ahead of time and frozen. Simple thaw them the day you will cook them. All the ingredients in these patties are already cooked so all you need to do is brown both sides. I love serving these with a side salad. Very healthy meal.

Wednesday’s fish will practically cook itself. All you need to do is pour all the ingredients over the fish and let it bake. This is a very healthy and delicious meal. Serve it with some rice and steamed veggies if you like.

Thursday’s taco salad is made with tortilla chips. The dressing can be made a few days in advance as it lasts perfectly well in the fridge for a few weeks. This is a very fresh and colorful salad that is full of flavor and is very satisfying.

Friday’s BBQ chicken legs are wicked easy to make. You can use Homemade BBQ sauce or simply purchase some at the store. These chicken legs go deliciously with sweet potato fries or creamy potato salad. Serve these with tons of paper napkins.

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Baked 2

Fried Fish Sandwich
Cuban Black Bean Soup
Spaghetti with Chicken, Asparagus and Roasted Tomatoes
Baked Potatoes with bacon and sour cream or with Sauteed Broccolini
Flank Steak Tostadas

Monday’s fried fish sandwiches are made with any white, fleshy mild fish. They are very easy and super tasty. We are going to coat the fish with seasoned bread crumbs and then cook it in the skillet. Dinner should be on the table within 30 minutes.

Tuesday’s Cuban black bean soup can be made in a slow cooker. Simply add all the ingredients and let them cook themselves. This is s super nutritious and delicious soup.

Wednesday’s spaghetti is made with chicken, asparagus and roasted tomatoes. The tomatoes will take the longest when making this meal so you can go ahead and make them a day ahead of time. You can also cook the spaghetti the day before and keep in a sealed bag in the fridge. Go ahead and drizzle some olive oil on it so it does not stick together. Although I use chicken tenders in this meal you can easily use rotisseries chicken.

Thursday’s baked potatoes can be served with bacon bits and sour cream or with sautéed broccolini if you want to keep it cleaner. I do not wrap my potatoes in foil as I like the peel to have a crunch to it. This is a very easy and satisfying meal.

Friday’s tostadas are always a hit. This is a meal that should be ready within 30 minutes. The longest you are going to take is in prepping the ingredients. I like setting all the topping in individual bowls and letting everyone build their own tostada. If you can’t find ready made tostadas go ahead and deep fry some corn tortillas. Please keep in mind that they do cook very quickly.

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Garbanzo Kidney Bean Salad

Southwestern Style Chef Salad
Easy Roast Beef
Chickpea and Kidney Bean Salad with Soy Ginger Vinaigrette
Shrimp Pad Thai
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Monday’s salad is made with marinated chicken breast. This salad is loaded with ingredients and is very tasty. The dressing can be made a few days ahead to save time and the chicken can marinade overnight. You will spend some time chopping for this meal but I promise you it will be worth it.

Tuesday’s roast beef is extremely simple to make but it does cook slowly. You can make this a day ahead of time and just heat it before dinner. This will go nicely with any side of your preference. If you have left overs send some delish sandwiches to school or work the following day for lunch.

Wednesday’s salad can be made up to three days in advance. This salad is a nutrient bomb that is delicious and satisfying. I make this with canned chickpeas and canned kidney beans. Make sure to drain them and rinse them before using them if you go this route. The dressing is amazing and can be used on other salads as well.

Thursday’s pad Thai requires special ingredients that will last you for a long time in the fridge. You will also be able to use them in other Thai recipes so if you like this type of food I encourage you to go ahead and purchase them. This meal is easy to make as well and is a pleasure to eat.

Friday’s spaghetti and meat sauce are a great way to end the week. The sauce freezes very nicely so you can definitely make it in advance and simply thaw it in the morning or the night before. Serve this with some garlic bread and a side salad for a very complete meal.

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