Roasted Green Beans

These roasted green beans are made with dried cranberries and walnuts. They are absolutely delicious, very elegant and super easy to make.

Green beans are great all year long. I love making salads with them with tomatoes or cauliflower. They can be boiled, steamed, stir-fried and roasted. Roasting them will render you a cooked, crisped vegetable that you will enjoy very much. The thinly sliced garlic will caramelize as it roasts and add a ton of flavor to your dish.

It is important that you do not pile up vegetables when you are roasting them. If you do they will steam and not roast properly. So please make sure you place them in a single layer.

This is truly a great side dish for anytime but especially for the Holidays. It is pretty and very festive.

Here is what you are going to need for these delectable and delicious roasted green beans:

Serves four
1 pound trimmed green beans
4 large garlic cloves finely sliced
1 TBS olive oil
Salt & Pepper
¼ cup chopped walnuts
¼ cup dried cranberries

Heat your oven to 425 degrees F (225 C).

Place the green beans and garlic in a roasting pan. Drizzle them with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss the green beans around with your clean hands, making sure that they are coated evenly, and reorganize them in the pan in a single layer.

Place the green beans in the oven and roast for 15 minutes. Remove them from the oven and flip them around. Return the green beans to the oven and roast for an extra 10 minutes.

Transfer the green beans into a bowl and add the walnuts and cranberries. Toss everything and serve. Enjoy!

CALORIES 137.46; FAT 8.51 grs (sat 0.98; mono 3.14; poly 3.98); PROTEIN 3.24 grs ; FIBER 4.11 grs; CARBS 15.48 grs; CHOLESTEROL 0.00 mg; IRON 1.49 mg; SODIUM 588.72 mg; CALCIUM 52.60 mg

Print the Roasted Green Beans Recipe Here

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