Easy Peanut Soup Recipe

This soup is perhaps one of my favorite of all time! I absolutely love it. You will need raw peanuts in order to make this. Roasted peanuts will not work. Shop for raw peanuts at Latin American or organic grocery stores.

You will need:

2 beef soup bones
1 medium yellow onion, peeled and quartered
2 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
6 parsley sprigs
2 celery stalks with leaves
1 cup raw peanuts
2 large carrots, julienned
2 large potaoes, peeled and diced into 1-inch dice
8 cups of water
Salt & Pepper

Place the beef bones and the onion, garlic, parsley and celery in a pot. Add the water and simmer for 30 minutes until you have a nice broth. Remove the onion, garlic, parsley and celery. Season with salt and pepper.

Place the peanuts in a blender or food processor and blend with a little bit of milk. Add the peanuts to the beef broth and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the carrots and potatoes. Reseason with salt if necessary. Simmer for an extra 20 minutes. Serve topped with croutons or homemade French fries. Enjoy!

Print the Peanut Soup Recipe Here

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  • September 25, 2013


    ohhhhh, this soups is simply amazing! It brings back happy memories!