Weekly Menus November 2015

Weekly menus November 2015 are here. You will find a geat variety of food this month. As always I have tried to pick easy, healthy and delicious food. Not to mention wallet friendly. If there is something you do not like you can find over one thousand recipes on the website.

Chicken Curry

Cuban Black Bean Soup
Albondigas with Rice
Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and Mushrooms
White Fish with Tomatoes, Capers and Olives
Chicken Curry with Rice

Monday’s black bean soup can be cooked in a slow cooker. You don’t even need to soak the beans. Simply place everything in the pot and allow it to do its thing.

Tuesday’s albondigas are Latin style meatballs. They can be made was in advance and frozen. In fact, make a couple recipes so that you have them when you need them. They are cooked in a tomato sauce and served with rice. Delish!

Wednesday’s macaroni and cheese is made with broccoli and mushrooms cooked in a creamy and cheesy sauce. This is super easy and delicious. Serve it with a small side salad if you like.

Thursday’s fish is made in minutes and in a large skillet. This is a very flavorful meal. You can use any white, fleshy fish that you want such as catfish, tilapia, haddock, Mahi-mahi or sole.

Friday’s chicken curry is exquisite. It is made with fruit and has a wonderful sweet/spicy balance. This goes nicely with some steamed rice to mop up the sauce. You can make this curry a day ahead if you like.

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roasted fresh salmon,fresh dill and slice lemon for the garnish.
roasted fresh salmon,fresh dill and slice lemon for the garnish.

Slow-Cooker White Kidney Beans
Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup
Gnocchi and Beef Casserole
Braised Mediterranean Chicken
Baked Salmon with Dill and Capers

Monday’s meal is ridiculously easy to make. All you have to do is place your ingredients in a slow cooker, turn it on and go on with your business. Dinner will be ready when you are. And it will be delicious as well.

Tuesday’s soup will warm your body and soul with roasted goodness. This cream is very satisfying and perfect for cold nights. Serve it with a nice piece of bread and butter. Delish.

Wednesday’s casserole can be made a day ahead and warmed up before dinner. Use store bought gnocchi to make this faster. This is an exquisite meal that packs very nicely in school and office lunches.

Thursday’s chicken is made whole and braised for about an hour. You can also make this in a slow cooker if you want. Just make sure to brown the chicken before adding it to the pot.

Friday’s fish is super easy to make and absolutely delish. It is a very healthy meal that goes beautifully with baby potatoes and steamed veggies. Super clean eats that will satisfy you.

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Farfalle with prawns

Bow-Tie Pasta with Shrimp
Chicken Quinoa Soup
Slow Cooker Pork Curry
Lemon Garlic Tilapia
Cheese Enchiladas

Monday’s pasta is not only pretty it is delicious and easy to make. This meal can be on the table within 30 minutes. It is light and healthy as well.

Tuesday’s soup can be made a day ahead of time and reheated before dinner. In fact, it will probably taste better if you let it sit in the fridge for a day. This is a delectable nutritional bomb that goes beautifully with a piece of bread and butter.

Wednesday’s pork curry is made with pork loin and practically cooks itself. You will be adding almost all your ingredients into a slow cooker and then finishing it up right before serving dinner.

Thursday’s fish is made with a lot of garlic and cilantro. It will be cooked in the oven and you can use any firm white fish for it. This is a very clean and flavorful meal that cooks in minutes.

Friday’s enchiladas can be made with store bought red enchilada sauce or you can make your own. Whatever you like. These are super easy to make and are finger licking good. Delish. Delish.

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Spaghetti bolognese in black serving platter, with fresh basil and parmesan.
Spaghetti bolognese in black serving platter, with fresh basil and parmesan.

Quinoa Curried Zucchini
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Fijian Steamed Fish with Coconut Sauce
Ham and Bean Soup
Gobbler Sandwiches

Monday’s quinoa is a beautiful and healthy vegetarian meal that is easy to make. You can make the quinoa the day before and finish it up before dinner.

Tuesday’s meat sauce can be made in advance and frozen. It is very easy to make and absolutely delicious. You can serve the sauce with any type of pasta that you prefer.

Wednesday’s fish is extremely easy to make. If you can’t find freshly grated coconut go ahead and use a can of coconut milk. This is an exquisite Fijian dish.

Thursday’s soup is made with left over ham bone or ham hock. I know many of you celebrate Thanksgiving so HAPPY THANSGIVING to you if you do! If you don’t this is yummy and satisfying soup!

Friday’s sandwiches are made with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. They are a great way to use left over turkey and stuffing. These were very popular at the deli.

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